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About Appaloosa Orchards

Growing Apple Orchard

We are a family-owned and operated apple orchard and woodworking shop, specializing in all-wood vanities. While we wait for the orchard to mature to production, we are taking advantage of the other resource the land has afforded us: lumber. All the lumber used for the vanities we build is cut, milled, and gathered, in the case of weathered wood, on site.


When we purchased our property in 2017, we were looking for space to create something for our family and the community. We have long-term goals that will change and grow our business over time. For now our focus is designing and building beautiful and unique furniture pieces for you to bring into your home. We are at the beginning of our story, but we hope you'll become a part of our community, add to our adventure, and bring the orchard home.

In order to clear the land for the orchard, we've had to cut down over a hundred mature oaks and pines. However, these beautiful trees are not going to waste! The logs are cut to a mill-able size and the rest is bucked for firewood or smaller projects. Once milled, the wood is left to dry and season naturally in the hayloft of our barn. Once ready, the wood is processed to match your design specifications. Our preferred design incorporates the natural beauty of the oak and attempts to highlight the character each piece brings. We have done a number of renovation projects in our own home, and understand the myriad design decisions required to making your space your own. We also understand the frustration of not being able to find the item you need to achieve your personal design. We want to help you find that item, either through our in-stock, but made-to-order items or a complete custom design that is still budget-friendly. 

Oak logs ready to mill

Meet Our Crew

Kent Hansen

Kent is the brawn behind the operation, building each vanity with care. He loves his time in the workshop creating unique pieces with lots of character for you to have in your home. 

Melanie Hansen

Melanie runs the front office: generating design, marketing, and administrative functions. She's most likely to be the one answering your calls and emails and making everyone lunch.

Hansen kids 01 (2).JPG
The Kids

The kids keep us going! They water apple trees, run items between the office and workshop, and bring a lot of joy into each day! And one day, they will help build.

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