How to Get the Bathroom Vanity You Want

Having done home renovation ourselves, we know that finding just the right pieces can be a challenge. And it's frustrating to make the endless design decisions and find out you can't find a furniture piece that matches. That's why all Appaloosa Orchards wood vanities are made-to-order. Our goal is to help everyone find the vanity for their bathroom that they want, not just the vanity they can find.

In our product listings, we've tried to offer a variety of customizable options. These include wood type and texture, stain color, door style and decorative side panels. Let's look a little closer at these options.

Wood Type/Texture

All of our vanities are made with solid red oak frames for stability. Then we use your choice of Woodland Weathered, Classic Red Oak, or Rough Hewn Red Oak to finish the vanity frame, drawer and cabinet fronts, and side panels.

In the shop, our Woodland Weathered vanities are listed as a separate product style - Cortland. The Woodland Weathered is reclaimed farm fence wood, with a rustic and naturally-achieved weathering. It is rougher to the touch than more traditionally finished wood and provides a very unique look.

Classic Oak is a more traditionally finished wood option. We still allow for knots and color variations to be included in the pieces we use, but it is a smooth texture, stained to highlight the natural grain of the wood.

Rough Hewn Oak is a more rustic option that shows the saw marks from milling the wood. It's a simple way to make a statement without a hostile takeover of the overall bathroom design.


On all products, except Woodland Weathered products, you can choose the stain color. We have a listing of fifteen stain blends that help provide a spectrum of color. Everyone sees color a little differently and is drawn to different shades and hues. It can be tricky to know what you're getting from a picture on a website, so here are our stain colors with some helpful descriptions.