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Meet the Team

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Welcome to Appaloosa Orchards!

Meet some of the valued members of our team:


Sheila is a Kubota tractor and she does most of the heavy lifting around here. She is a major workhorse: dragging felled logs, clearing brush, tilling the land, and even plowing snow. From her first day at Appaloosa Orchards, Sheila has pulled her weight (literally) and we don't know how we would get things done without her. She also enjoys a carefree drive around the property, but any hopeful drivers are required to sit through Kent's safety presentation.

And while Sheila loves a good photo op with the kids, she does not allow them to ride around on her. That just wouldn't be safe, and she is nothing if not safety-conscious. But like them, she appreciates a chance to capture her good side.


While Helmut's variety of tasks is not as broad as Sheila's, he is indispensable all the same. To date, Helmut has felled and bucked over 100 trees! He works the hardest each winter, but he certainly earns his warmer weather vacations. It's not easy being so in demand, but Helmut rises to the challenge, especially on cold winter mornings.


Mildred, or "Millie", is the bridge between the land and the farmhouse inspired vanities we build. She takes the logs Helmut cuts and makes them usable lumber. She never seems to tire, simply requiring a water break or a blade swap from time to time. Her busy season is somewhat opposite to Helmut's as she operates best during the warmer seasons. The two of them seem to have a synergistic relationship, but they keep it


As you can see in the video, when Millie is in operation, Sheila is not far away. They are the best of friends, and love working together! These are two hard working ladies and we would be lost without them.

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Craig Holbrook
Craig Holbrook
06 mag 2021

Love the sense of humor and also the story telling capability of "your crew". Craig H

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